Playground for Tiny Sound

Drone of Four

Glitched Electronic Drums

Solar Camera Synth

Circuit Bent Aquarium Toy

Noise Phone

Distortion Unit / Four Oscillator Synth


Button-accessible Glitched Video Game

IMG_20220826_165626449Solar-powered synth with six oscillator



Got some tones by making a few short circuits in this walkie, accessed with some added buttons


Three modified violent toy circuits

(machine gun, macho war robot and chainsaw) housed in a repurposed CD case


Symbiotic Relationship

modified this toy to respond to external oscillator built in a repurposed cigarette tin (video link in photo)

Toy Distortion

Toy Distortion

modified this toy be a distortion/mangler for incoming sounds (e.g. guitar) or it’s own sounds

Drone Remote Synth

Drone Remote Synth/Sensor

I was inspired to turn this photoelectric remote control into a synth. By adding a phototransistor appendage, it can receive its own infra red signals or signals from other remote


 5×5 Matrix Mixer

Built in a repurposed tool case


Ring Modulator and Synth Modified Toy (photo links to video)

3x3 matrix mixer

3×3 Matrix Mixer

Built this 3×3 matrix mixer and used it in a no-input and pedal feedback session, an excerpt of which can be heard here


sampler 1


Built this lo-fi sampler in a repurposed eyeglasses case. Controls are (Left>Right, Top>Down) Rec; On/Off; Speed Control (light based); Playback (momentary); Mic/Line In Selector; Speed Control Mode Selector; Playback (loop); Input Monitor; Speed Control (knob based). On the back is Line In; Built-in Mic; Line Out (photo links to video)

 mini amp_1 copy

Mini Amp

This mini audio amplifier features volume knob and switchable gain. Sound source is a Bastl Kastle (photo links to video)


ring modulator

Ring Modulator

This ring modulator has two inputs an one output which can be varied


Circuit Device 1_Gregory Kramer

Fabric Box Synth (photo links to video, additional link here)


Circuit Train by Gregoy Kramer

Train Synth

Modified this toy train to change the speed of its onboard recording. The two knobs on the left control oscillators I added, and another oscillator is modified by a light sensor behind the windshield, where the engineer would be (photo links to video)

Circuit Device 2_Gregory Kramer

Film Canister Synth (photo links to video)


Stompbox_Circuit Device 3_Gregory Kramer

a “stompbox” effect which modifies an instrument/line in signal but also can generate it’s own modifiable tone to accompany or be played as a stand-alone unit


Phone Microphone_1

a telephone handset microphone

Radio Microphone

a portable radio microphone

Babbitt building

I have a virtual open studio in the Babbitt building on the Maker Music Festival campus. Stop by anytime. Thank you, MMF